Creative Direction

Allow me to step in as your personal Creative Director. We’ll collaborate to help you tell and show your story as authentically as possible using your creative projects as a vehicle. I’ll help you create an overall vision. This is ideal if you don’t necessarily need just my guidance and direction in front of my camera, but more so behind the scenes. As a creative consultant; I'll help YOU get your ideas and your message out of your head and into fruition.  Your creativity, confidence, and drive will be sparked into execution. Let's work. And make it happen. Click here for more information on my consulting and strategy sessions and how we can work together. 

The inner work. 

Perhaps you need guidance and direction in executing an idea or a creative project. Maybe you are relaunching your creative brand. Or, maybe you are a mulit-passionate creative professional or brand that needs direction on how to “bring it all together”. Through my creative direction and intuitive guidance, my goal is to direct you in the direction that you’ve been desiring to go, AND those places you had NO idea existed for you creatively. It’s also my intention that you gain clarity with any overabundance of ideas so you can show your clients and your audience who you really are and deliver YOUR story the way you want to deliver it. 

In essence, these sessions are ideal for Creative Professionals, Brands, and Artist of all disciplines who need guidance on defining and executing their creative projects and ideas.

 So let’s get into it, shall we?


There are 3 types of creative exchanges and engagements we can have..

1. Hit it and Quit it, 2.  Rock Steady  or 3. LTCR-Long Term Creative Relationship



This is where spend 90 minutes 1 on 1 during a Creative Strategy Session via Skype/Facetime/Google Hangout...This session is great for you if you have an idea that you'd like to get some clarity on and you'd like to run by me.

  • We'll devote 90 min working through your ideas and specific needs.
  •  I will show you how to execute them and guide you into delivering your project and/or vision
  •  Following our session you’ll receive a customized creative strategy guide along with done for you resources to assist you based on our session.

After this session, you will be able to..

  • develop your point of view
  • execute it
  • claim it
  • and own it.

When your 90 min Hit it and Quit It, session is done and you see how amazing you feel about what we’ve accomplished you may want to roll with this…


*4 week retainer*

We will spend 90 minutes together once a week for 4 weeks via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout.

With these weekly sessions (in addition to every thing listed in "Hit it and Quit it", we will...

  • discover your creative blocks
  • work through your ideas and specific needs

You will also have unlimited email access to me where you can continue reaching out for guidance following our calls.

When the 4 week session is over, you’ll receive a customized creative strategy guide along with done for you resources to assist you based on our session.

After our time together,  you will have clarity around what you REALLY want to do and how to position yourself do it. You will have confidence in executing your creative ideas and projects, AND develop a new found commitment to your creative projects!

*Add on documentary/brand photography and/or Videography beginning at an additional $225.00


Sometimes bigger more heftier creative and artistic goals require a bit more commitment and time, that’s where us HAVING a creative union comes in...

WE’S MARRIED NOW $1,750.00

     Minimum 12 Week Commitment

This offering is a more customized session due to the commitment time that is involved-for the both of us. This type of session (like all my sessions listed above) is ideal for:

  • Creative Professionals
  • Non-Profits
  • Brands
  • Creative Entrepreneurs

WHO Are:

  • In need creative direction and consult on a long term projects
  • Preparing to launch a social media campaign
  • Starting a new project
  • Creating a new offering for their audience  
  • Seeking new ways to monetize their creative brand

The We's Married Now session includes everything available in the other two sessions, and then some!

Send me an email so that we can schedule your consultation today! 

*Add on documentary/brand photography and or Videography beginning at an additional $225.00


Each session requires a 30 minute consultation. Contact me today so we can get started!





"here's a funky introduction of how nice I am" -Phife dawg






"Working with Bessie was the best thing that could've happened to my creative project. She was fun and easy to work with but also had fresh ideas that really helped carry out my creative vision!"

-Ace Harris | Grammy Nominated Music Producer, Artist






"She get's me. She really gets me! And as a quirky, off-beat artist that says a ton. Bessie's ability to hear not only what I say but what I'm not saying is unmatched. She then has this effortless way of translating who I truly am into beautiful pictures and spot on brand strategies. She's mine forever!"

-Jennifer Arnise

"Working with Bessie was the ultimate in collaborative experiences. She captured our profile subjects beautifully, and wore the dual hats of creative director and photographer expertly. I was able to leave the job in her incredibly capable hands without fear of what I would get when I saw the final product. Would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!"
—Anthonia Akitunde, founder of mater mea 
"Bessie is a great asset to all things ATLiberia! Her creative mind and execution helped to make the project a success." Brian Taylor, Business Manager & Co-founder PK OneDay