Growing up in America as a black woman born in Ghana to a Ghanaian mother has been quite an interesting experience for me. An experience that is shared among many other 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in America. We all seem to share a dual consciousness of sorts. Our journey through the education system in America along with our careers are a bit different primarily because of the culture that raised us is not that same culture that we are thriving in. 

I was privileged to work as the Creative Director/Videographer/Photographer on AfriGen @ Worka docuseries created by Janet Asante of Notes from HR and produced by Clarissa Bannor of This Afripolitan Life

 AfriGens @Work documents career stories from next-gen Africans adulting in the West. Why? Because so many of us are affecting change in our everyday lives and doing radical things to push our careers and the cultural envelope our parents so securely wrapped us in. We believe it's important for us to see and share our stories and celebrate our successes.

We invite you to tune in every Sunday, beginning tomorrow November 20th as we release each episode. You can find the episodes on our YouTube Channel. We'd LOVE to hear you feedback! 

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