5 Ways to NOT Get Disenchanted While Pursuing Your Passions

If you were to ask me what are some things I would have done differently while on the path of persuing ny passions and being a creative professional, I would first let out s big, "TUH!". While on this journey of living a passion driven life, we all experience the ebbs and flows that come with perusing your passion.Many of those ebbs are clogged with moments when we feel like we are just not into it that much anymore, thus becoming disenchanted. We experience things, encounter certain clients, or go through certain moments that may make us not want to keep going or that  burn out the passion that we once had. Here are 5 SIMPLE way to not become disenchanted:


1.       Work on projects that TRULY excited you. Period. 

2.       Be particular about the clients you take on: Every client is not good for you. Just like every guy or girl is not a good for you, every bad shoe won’t fit. Every client is not for you. Yeah, I know…  “But, Bessie the..” I get it, they are paying and you may really need the money,  but taking on clients that don’t fit your over all mission is a waste. A waste of time and energy. 

3.       Say NO-You just simply cannot say yes to every opportunity that comes you way. Although it may be tempting, don't. Which leads me to number 4....

4.       Take a break when necessary- In a world where people are so quick to say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”..umm..me? nah, not so much. It's cool to take a break when you need to. It's actually necessary. Taking a break does not mean that you are quitting. Not taking a break is one of the quickest ways you can burn out. Sometimes taking a moment to step a way and breathe allows you to assess what you really have going on.This way you can alway pick right back up with a fresher perspective. 

5.       Pay attention to your thoughts-There are times when we let our negative thoughts get the best of us. Once we begin to feel discouraged we end up going down the rabbit hole of doubt. DON'T. Be mindful of your mind, how powerful your thoughts are, and what type of thoughts you choose to dwell in. 

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